Cash Advance


We can Help your Business Grow and Prosper!

At North American Processing Solutions, we are not simply a wholesale processor. We’re agents for your success, seeking out custom-tailored solutions for your enterprise. When it comes to finding you a cash advance system that’s ideal for your specific business needs, we relentlessly pursue the best known and most reliable fund advancing companies on the market. We act as the catalyst for your next upgrade to using unparalleled payment technology and services.

We Know it’s No Easy Feat being a Business Owner. We Want to Help!

In this economy, independently owned and operated businesses have to fight harder than ever to have reliable and accessible lending sources. Billions of independently owned and operated business owners have to rely on credit to augment their cash flow. We understand the struggle, but the resiliency of entrepreneurs is something we admire and endorse!

Therefore, we want to provide the resources to help. By providing a cost-efficient option for cash advance programs, North American Processing Solutions hopes to give the means for small businesses to flourish and succeed!

You can use your cash advance money to expand, renovate, advertise, purchase inventory, or anything else your business needs. A merchant cash advance enables you to generate the working capital you need to improve your business without having to negotiate with a bank or worry about long-term credit card interest. Your company may qualify for a cash advance of up $250,000 by leveraging an asset you probably have not though of - your future credit card receivables! A merchant cash advance is an excellent and often overlooked source of short term financing that you can take advantage of today!

Fast and Easy Approval Process Provides Quick Access to Funds!

High approval rates, no time limits, no interest payments, no monthly minimum payments, no upfront costs or hidden fees, and no usage restrictions. To take advantage of all that a merchant cash advance has to offer, you must have a history of processing credit cards at your business for at least 60 days and process at least $5,000 a month in credit cards.